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Import Flipkart Feeds Woocommerce WordPress

User’s Demand Import Flipkart Feeds Woocommerce WordPress.  This is an Advance Level Tutorial which can guide you to import all flipkart affiliate feeds to your WordPress Woocommerce and earn commission of it. Key Need’s Flipkart affiliate Account WP All Import Paid  ( Kindly check out the Review ) WP All Import  Woocommerce Add On (Paid) Method 1) 

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Build Amazon EC2 RDS MySQL Server

Build Amazon EC2 RDS MySQL Server Amazon Cloud Services Used Services: Amazon EC2 RDS Key Needs A Amazon Web Services  (AWS) Putty(windows) Puttygen Time & Patience How to use EC2 Loggin in AWS, Select EC2 click Launch instance Select AIM ( Amazon Linux) Note: this is a basic installation so we are going with default Amazon Linux)  

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