Import Flipkart Feeds To Woocommerce WordPress


User’s Demand Import Flipkart Feeds To Woocommerce WordPress.  This is an Advance Level Tutorial which can guide you to import all flipkart affiliate feeds to your WordPress Woocommerce and earn commission of it.

Key Need’s

Flipkart affiliate Account

WP All Import Paid  ( Kindly check out the Review )

WP All Import  Woocommerce Add On (Paid)


1) Make an Account  in Flipkart affiliate.

2) You can go to feeds Download >> Product Feeds

3) Select the category which you would like to import.

4) Download it with affiliate ids  (Note it would take some time to process wait for it )

Once you have downloaded the file you are set for import

remember by default flipkart offers different fields as per category i am gonna take electronic mobile

I am just taking Title, Description, MRP, Price, Product URL, category, Product Brand, Stock, COD, Colour .

Loggin into you wordpress account install WP ALL Import + Woo Addon

We are set to for our first import.

Go to WP All Import

Select Upload a File load  Flipkart Affiliate CSV file.

flipkart wpallimport-new-import

Now select WooCommerce Products and click Continue to Step 2

select-woocommerce products

here you can review the data also filter it

Review and filter

now come the main part be all here or you can be confused 

We are gonna place which CSV values we want where in our Woocommerce.

1) Drag the title from right hand feed and drop it on post title


2)Drag the Description  from right hand feed and drop it on post Description

3) Click on Preview to see all works fine.


4) Now go on Woocommerce Add On

> In Product Type select  External/affiliate products


Product type
Product type

SKU :  stands for Stock keeping unit in simple words it’s a unique value which identifies a product i am gonna use flipkart SKU.

Product URL: Drag the URL from right hand side to woocommerce

Button Text : Write Button label

Regular Price: Drag Drop it for right to woocommerce

Sale Price :Drag Drop it for right to woocommerce

Review price to make sure everything is placed right.

woocommerce add on


Adding Attributes

Go to attributes

Give a name the attribute  for me it Brand  drag the Value for Brand in woocommerce, you can add as many attribute you want.

woocommerce attributes


Adding Images 


select Download Image Hosted elsewhere

add a coma(,) in the box

drag and drop image from the right to  woocommerce box

Check box if you want first image to be featured

This will save and link all image with products in woocommecre


Add taxonomies

Select Product Categories

Then select Products have hierarchical (parent/child) Product Categories

then select Manually design the hierarchy with drag & drop

I have made a category and a sub category its will match the fields and drop the value on right.

Name the category and drag drop value from right like my category name is Electronic and sub category is taken from csv file.

wp-all-import taxonomies

Done select the

You can save this settings as template. Use it later again

save templet
save template


Click Auto-Detect for unique records




Finally Run Importimport run

It will take time depending on how many products you have.
import complete

Lets check out the result

final result

Yoooo We did we have imported all product in flipkart products in woocommerce

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Add MailChimp Subscribe Widget WordPress

MailChimp Subcribe Widget WordPress
MailChimp Subcribe Widget WordPress

Adding MailChimp subscribe Widget WordPress is a super saviour for me it will help me to keep my subscribers at a safe vault and update them with my latest post. You can also send them NewsLetters twice thrice in a week.

Things Need

MailChimp for WordPress (Free)

MailChimp Account


Login in your WordPress account

Loggin in your MailChimp

Install MailChimp for WordPress plugin

Now you can see this icon in your admin area


mail chimp for wordpress
mail chimp for wordpress

go in MailChimp Settings



Now click on get Get your API key here.

If you don’t have a API you need to create one (How to create API)

copy the api and paste in the box Save It. Well done you are connected to Mailchimp

Create a Form 

Go to forms, In Add a new field


We are gonna use three field’s Email, Name and Submit 

Select Email Give Email Label, Click add to form 


Select Name Give Name Label, Click add to form


Select Submit Give subscribe Label, Click add to form


Save it.

Copy the shortcode and paste it were you want, i will keep it on my home page to subscribe in widgets


Drag text box in widget and paste the code

save test

Done nice work

Just look my Scribe on the right hand side top that s hows exactly it looks.

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Use WordPress from Pen Drive( Portable )


How to use WordPress from Pen Drive( Portable)

i love to use wordpress on the go but being developed on PHP  we need Apache server to run this awesome script. If you want to use wordpress while moving this it the best solution which you are looking at. No WAMP or XAMPP needed  to use wordpress simple application gthat can make this happen hands down.

Key Needs

Instant WordPress

Any Bowser


Download and install instant wordpress in PC like any other software.

Now on installing we get a short cut like this in the given folder, click on it



Now you would get panel which will give details about the wordpress details, Copy the URL and paste in your browser.


Now WordPress can  be accessed via this URL( You need to start the Application to Use)


To add Plugin, themes,WP Admin, or Access PHPMyadmin just click on this icons.

Keep this in folder, Pen drive, Hard Disk use it on move.

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WP Rocket Review


WP Rocket Review

WP Rocket is a premium caching  which is quite new segment in the plugin marketplace, Blogger’s & Business have started giving importance to performance of website’s. Ofcourse  everyone say’s content is heart of any website i agree but 1 thing lets take a example ie” lets  say if  there is a fantastic F1 car driver also won many world records but if you give him a mid budget sedan do you think he can win.”  Performance can rise the standard of content also provide a great user experience to user’s  well enough of speech let’s get down to main topic.

Majorly market is using W3 Total Cache not just because its free but its work’s pretty well provide’s appealing results. however i feel is too complicated for its settings.

WP Rocket is packed with minifiying JS, CSS, HTML, Google Fonts enabling Lazy Load for images however  it doesn’t optimize images in wordpress has a option to connect to CDN link.

Now lets see the figures

Default Scores 

with out any caching plugin
with out any caching plugin

On W3 Total Cache

installed w3-total-cache
installed w3-total-cache

Result on WP-Rocket

installed wp-rocket
installed wp-rocket

The result may be concluded you to think there is not a significant difference but it made the site a second more fast. The theme is already very optimized so you are not able to see a major difference.  The results shows the clear winner that’s WP-Rocket according to my view i wont like to fight more with W3 Total Cache then simply use WP Rocket. Thumb’s up from my side you can buy this if your planning to have a optimized website.

WP Rocket.

Build Amazon EC2 RDS MySQL Server


Build Amazon EC2 RDS MySQL Server Amazon Cloud Services

Used Services: Amazon EC2 RDS

Key Needs

A Amazon Web Services  (AWS)



Time & Patience

How to use EC2

Loggin in AWS, Select EC2 click Launch instance

amazon ec2
amazon ec2

Select AIM ( Amazon Linux) Note: this is a basic installation so we are going with default Amazon Linux) 



amazon ec2 aim
amazon ec2 aim


Select  t2.mirco  Note: to start with micro is best you can always scale later

amazon ec2 instance
amazon ec2 instance


In Network select Default 

Auto-assign Public IP : Enable

amazon ec2 config
amazon ec2 config

Add storage  assign  20 gb

amazon ec2 add storage
amazon ec2 add storage

Config security group (important )

Add Three groups. Review and Lunch  it

amazon ec2 security group
amazon ec2 security group

 Now you will get a pop for Key pair, Create a new key just select new key pair add a name also download it

amazon ec2 key pair create

Congratulation we have deployed our first AWS Server

Public ip to access your website


amazon ec2 public ip
amazon ec2 public ip


 In Amazon  we don’t have a panel to access our server like Cpanel so we are gonna use a command line client called Putty( for windows)

Using Putty to Login  

Download Putty & PuttyGen

Amazon has a different format for keypair  so we need to convert it in order to use it in Putty

Open putteygen, click on Load 

amazon ec2 keys load puttygen
amazon ec2 keys load puttygen


Select the private key which you have downloaded from AWS.

amazon ec2 keys load puttygen select
amazon ec2 keys load puttygen select

 select all files in the dial-box, select the key press openamazon ec2 puttygen all files2 










You will get a message 

amazon ec2 puttygen all files message
amazon ec2 puttygen all files message

Now save it as private key.


Open putty get the public ip enter in putty

amazon ec2 keys load puttygen login
amazon ec2 keys load puttygen login

Go in SSH >  Auth   Now assign the private key to the login

amazon ec2 keys load puttygen auth select
amazon ec2 keys load puttygen auth select

This screen will appear  enter the user name ( By default the username will be ec2-user )

amazon ec2 keys load puttygen auth dilog screan
amazon ec2 keys load puttygen auth dilog screan


Yo we are loggin to our Amazon Server

Follow this post for RDS Mysql Database How To Connect RDS Mysql from EC2